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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Laptop

Check out this cool gadget from Lenovo. Pretty sweet idea.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cool Inventions

Check out these crazy gadgets. Some of them are cool, but some don't seem practical at all! LOL!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Less people buying games from stores

Are less and less people buying games from stores? Yes, it seems to be the case. And more and more people are choosing to download them online. For the first time, online downloads surpassed retail sales. See the full story:
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hands on with LG's watch phone

This looks pretty cool and easy to carry around, but is this gadget user-friendly enough? I am not too keen in this though!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple iPad 2 to be launched in 2011, spring

It seems like there is no stopping Apple. The first iPad has created such a buzz and generated so much sales that it has kept many critics quiet. Apple does not intend to stop there. The second generation iPad is set to launch early next year. The new iPad will support FaceTime video calls.

While the components are undergoing testing, there are reports that say that the iPad 2 gadgets will hit the shelves next year. FaceTime is something new for the iPhone 4 and the latest iPod Touch gadgets, but we will also see it in this new tablet.

There is still a lot of work to be done on the first generation. The inclusion of camera will definitely boost more sales. I do hope that it will also include a USB port. All these are basic components. And oh yes, not forgetting multitasking capabilities!

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Clean" Windows phone 7

Microsoft is said to go clean with the Windows phone 7 gadgets. The company has published a few guidelines for developers who intend to produce applications for the new operating system. There shall be no intense violence or programs that have sexual themes.

It seems like this clean approach may help win parents over. Apps developers are advised not to include images or themes that are sexually suggestive, or anything that show the private privates, including the nipples and buttocks.

However, there is a limit the level of violence that would be allowed. Extreme gore and violence such as exploding body parts, cruelty to people or animals, decapitation, sexual interactions will also not be allowed. This is compared to the Apple as well, where there is a very clear understanding that sexually explicit nature is also not allowed in the iTunes. This is a totally different tune to that of the android market, where "some" sexual content is allowed.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to Make a Movie and Upload it to YouTube

If you need help to make and upload your videos onto YouTube, then watch this video right here! This guy will show you how to use iMovie.

How to choose a laptop

These gadgets are much more powerful today. They've also become lighter and more stylish in appearance. If you wish to get a laptop, there are some shopping tips that you can use.

1. Search for them online. Make comparisons and do reviews. Once you are done, you may want to check them out at the stores.

2. Try out the keyboard. Make sure that it is comfortable and easy to type. You should also check for its responsiveness. Try to type a few words and see for yourself.

3. You may also want to test the mousepad. This is something that is very important, and if it is not responsive, then it is very difficult to use. Make sure that it is easy to control.

4. You may also want to check out the screen size. It should be big enough to make viewing experience pleasant. However, if you wish to make it portable, then it should not be too big.

5. The laptop should also have at least two USB connections. USB products are in high demand and you will need plenty of USB connections.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Create an app for Android market

Google has launched a new tool that lets anyone create an app for your Android gadgets. The Google App Inventor can help non-coders to develop complete and working Android apps. This is definitely something good for those who are looking to tap into the Android market. If you are not a developer and have no prior experience, this is definitely something for you.

The good thing about the Android market is that you can submit your apps without any approval from Google. This is an open platform and we will expect to see a buzz of activity from the non-developers as well. This will greatly increase the number of apps in the Android market.

However, this comes at the cost of quality. We will be expecting plenty of new apps each day, but most of them will be of poor quality. In fact, some of them may even be useless. And we will see how this concept will work. You may also want to look forward to more games from the professional developers.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Would you buy a Nokia in future?

I came across this gadgets website the other day, and I saw this question that was posted there. If you were to ask me this question several years back, I would have answered 'yes' for sure. However, I beg to differ today. It seems like Nokia is losing out on its technology in terms of operating systems, applications, etc.

I strongly believe that Nokia is losing out on its market share, especially when the iPhone was launched several years back. It seems like Nokia has not recovered from this. To make things worse, Google joined the mobile industry with its android platform, which I think is pretty cool. I'm not sure how big the android market is, but it has already overtaken the iPhone.

Many have long abandoned their phones for other brands, including me. I was an avid fan of Nokia until I start using the Samsung Galaxy S. What about you? Would you get another gadget, or would you continue using Nokia? Go to the link here and voice your opinions.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

5 Gadgets You Can't Live Without!

What are the five gadgets that you can't leave without? Tell us about them right here! Thanks for watching this video.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Make Your Own Flash Games

This video will show you how you can make your own flash games. Please enjoyed this video here!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apple iPod Touch 4th generation on sales soon

There are called reports that confirmed that the Apple's new iPod Touch will be available very soon. The US customers are likely to get the first batch on 10 September.

This latest gadget which features the same display from the iPhone 4 comes with a speedy G4 processor, and it has both front and rear facing cameras. The iPod Touch has met with positive reviews. If you do not intend to buy the iPhone 4, you may want to consider getting the iPod Touch.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Angry Birds Lite released for Androids - finally!

I am a huge fan of the Angry Birds when it was released on the iPhone. However, I am now using the Samsung Galaxy S, and have been waiting for this game to be released on the android phones. It's finally here!

The game, which is very popular on the iPhone, has been downloaded over 5 million times. I think this is one of the best games around and with the growing android market, I don't see why they are going to ignore this market as well. This game is now available in Beta version. I can't wait to download this game!

There are also plans to release this game on PS3.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The top five mobile phones

If you're looking for a new mobile phone, then you may want to find out which are the best gadgets for 2010. The search stops here. Here are the top five mobiles that you can find, as reviewed by

1. The first mobile is none other than the Apple iPhone 4. The new improved iPhone comes with a five megapixel camera and a new videoconferencing feature. It's faster than the previous iPhones and this allows you to do multi tasking like never before.

2. HTC Desire. I'm not sure about this phone, but it comes with android 2.1 processor that makes web browsing and rather easy.

3. HTC Legend. It has a bright screen, with the fast Internet browser. However, the battery life is rather short.

4. Samsung Galaxy S. I'm currently holding onto this phone and I simply adore the AMOLED screen. It's a lot better than my previous Nokia phones.

5. Google Nexus One. This is Google's first attempt at the smart phone industry and it comes with a 1 GHz processor. It has a responsive touch screen. However, this phone is often compared to the HTC Desire, which is a lot better in a few other aspects.

My conclusion? I've tried the Samsung Galaxy S and my vote goes to this phone. :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iPad to get mutiplayer console upgrade

iPad lovers will have something to cheer about this time round. The Apple iPad and the iPhone 4 will be transformed into a full-fledged gaming console by the PartyDock. Griffin has unveiled the PartyDock which comes with four wireless controllers and the set of full-length and mini games. This will be released by the iTunes.

Although the current gaming applications will not work with the PartyDock, Griffin is hoping that game developers will try this new gaming approach, and thus develop games that are fully compatible with this device. No details have been announced yet regarding the release dates as well as the prices.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Google's calling system

Google is set to add a calling system to its Gmail and search offerings. Google has announced that it will install Google calls capable phone booths in universities and airports. This is great news, especially for those who are looking at thess free communication needs. How successful is this free calling system? The Google calls system has logged 1 million calls within the first 24 hours. It seems like Google is taking a share of the pie that Skype has once owned.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Samsung's 14 Inch OLED Transparent Laptop

Sagem Puma phone review

This phone offers a completely different mobile experience, trying to create a new experience in this saturated market. This is a sports phone and I am not sure if this is even a mobile, although there are some interesting features in here.

What is strange about the selling point of this phone is the solar panel and operating system, and not the functionality. From the review that I have read, I think this is by far one of the most 'outdated gadget' launched so far this year. I think Puma has to look for alternatives.

Check out the full story here:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Am I getting the iPad? Resounding yes!

I was at the Apple store the other day, and I thought I would pay the iPad a visit. And oh my god, I am so addicted to it. And since then, I have been playing around with it, and I have grown to really love these gadgets from Apple. There are so many games that you can play with the iPad (thanks to Apple and developers), and I think you will be literally spoilt for choices. Yes, there are many other tablets out there in the making or already launched, but none of them comes close enough to challenge the iPad in terms of the number of games and apps you can find in the Apple store.

I am going to get the iPad real soon, and I mean real soon! I am looking around for the best 3G connection and plans, and I think I will be buying the iPad with the 3G function. This makes surfing the internet a lot easier, and I am sure many of us would love this experience. I think I am already falling head over heels over this gadget, and I am looking to play all the games in there! LOL! Thanks for reading! :)

The HP Slate

The HP Slate gadget is often compared to the iPad. Which do you think is better? Leave comments below!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps

Check out these cool iPhone apps for your gadgets. Have fun playing around with these apps!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toshiba external hard drive selling cheap!

Toshiba 750GB Portable USB External Hard Drive for $80? This is something that you can look forward to. This offer is available on through Amazon, and it comes with free shipping.

In fact, it is even cheaper than the smaller models. It comes with an internal shock sensor to pull the drive heads in case you drop it. Wow! Read the complete report here:

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Samsung Galaxy U unveiled

Samsung Galaxy U may not have seem as impressive as the Galaxy S, but it is still worth checking out
It is still in a class of its own, and deserves our attention.

The Galaxy U features network specifications for J-CDMA and CDMA Rev.A, and it features a 3.7 AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen display with 16M colour support. This is the main reason why I like the Galaxy S. Awesome and beautiful display.

It comes with a 1GHz processor and there is also a 5MP auto-focus camera on the back, with the record video up to 720p HD. It runs on the Android Operating System, but we are not sure which version would it be. No word on exact release date or how much it will cost, but that should come soon enough. Oh, and it comes in white and black. Read the full details here

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Motorola working on new waterproof phone

If you think that the Motorola I1 is something to die for, then think again. The mobile company is working on another waterproof phone. No details have been released yet, but the project has been nicknamed ' Jordan '.

I'm sure the company is planning on a comeback, since they have been pretty quiet recently. Read the latest news here :
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Android welcomes Korea

The Android market has now opened up to the South Korea. It has knowledged this huge market when it comes to internet connection. The people in South Korea can now buy applications found in the Android market. For such a big market, I think this is something that you cannot afford to miss out on. Btw, many of Samsung gadgets run on Android platform. Can you see the link?

Read the full report :
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Female gamers still left out in the cold

When it comes to producing games, the male counterparts seem to be highly favoured still. Do you agree on this?
Read the full report here:
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Blackberry sales weaken - complete story here

BlackBerry Torch sales fizzle out in the US. Handsets are retailing at half price on Amazon less than a week after launch. The situation is not good in both the US and UK market.

Only 150,000 millions units were sold over the opening weekend in the US, a pale comparison to the iPhone 4 gadgets with sales hitting 1.7 million in the first 3 days. Read the complete report:

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Games for the brain

If you wish to improve your memory or brain function, then you can play these games. Some of these games are designed to help you remember better, to help you think faster or even have a shorter reaction time.

Your brain needs to be 'exercised' all the time so that it can remain alert and be quick-thinking when you need it most. In essence, you can be sure of improving your brain function if you play games that require you to think. There are many games that can do so, such as Sudoku, Memory Cards, Cheese, Reversi, etc. If you need to find them, then just visit the link here for our recommendation.

iBeer for you? Cool iPhone app

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Apple manager charged for fraud

Apple manager was charged with taking kickbacks, money laundering and wire fraud from would-be suppliers in Asia.

Please check out the full article here

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 Bejeweled Blitz Facebook Cheats

Check the complete video and description on how to do it here. This is an interesting game, and if you wish to cheat, then it can be really boring if you were to ask me honestly. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madden NFL 11 Review

There are a few new features in the Madden game, and this is something for the hardcore football fans from all around the world. There are many small details of the NFL football and EA Sports is indeed enjoying much success in these games.

This is built with the mainstream fans in mind, and this latest game comes very close to bring you every single detail with the game that you watch on Sundays. A great addition to this game is the ability for your teammates to actually land successful blocks and hold them long enough so that you can read and plan accordingly.

The finishes are cool, and tje gameplay is actually good while moving around in the game. The players move with such elegance and power that you think you are watching the games 'live'!

You can find the official games trailer here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Classic video games

Video games are great for those who wish to pass time and also enjoy themselves in the games. They have really changed over the years, with new exciting 3D graphics and sounds. There are certain classic games that stand the test of time, and are still be played by millions of people worldwide. Here are some of them.

1. Pac-man: This is one of the first games that I played and it was really fun and exciting! You have to navigate through a maze, an your aim is to "eat up" all the dots while running away from the monsters. If you happen to "eat" a cherry, you can get to eat up the monsters instead within a period of time!

2. Space Invaders: You have a ship at the bottom of the screen, and you have to shoot at rows of aliens above you while they shoot back at you. You have to be really fast and they come faster and faster at you.

3. Mario games: The only original classic reminds me of my childhood, although the latest games are also more cool and fun than ever! I still love them today. You can find many of the classics released again on DVDs today.

iPhone and iTouch themes

Some cool themes for your Apple gadgets. Worth checking them out right now!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Android Apps Review - Line rider

This game is available on the internet for a couple of years. There are many YouTube videos on this game. It is now available for your Andriod gadgets, and it rather fun, except for the fact they keep asking for donations. Yea, I agree, its annoying.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogging using Blogger-droid

I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S to post this blog. Just downloaded this cool blogger apps to try this out. Indeed fun and easy to upload a blog post :)

You can find this simple app on the Android market under social networking.

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Bond-style spy gadgets busted in Russia

Hundreds of spy gadgets were seized in police raids in Moscow in March. I didn't know it is illegal to use them!

Google Buying Gaming Company Slide

Google is out shopping yet again, with the latest deal of gaming company Slide. The deal is set at $182 million. Google has in the past invested $100 million in Zynga, FarmVille's gaming company. However, this decision has made many of us turn our heads, since Slide is not something that we often hear of, or have even played their games before.

Slide owns the rights of a few games like the Top Fish, SuperPocus Academy of Magic, SuperPoke, and SPP Ranch. It designs tools or widgets for social networking sites like Orkut, MySpace and FaceBook. I am sure you have used SuperPoke before on FaceBook. This is seen as a direct challenge to FaceBook, which is well known in the gaming industry, with many developers having their games on the social networking site. FaceBook can boast of the FarmVille game, and now it seems like Google wants a share of it as well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Online auction site - getting an iPad or iPhone at dirt-cheap prices!

If you wish to get the latest iPad or iPhone at rock bottom prices, then you have to check out this interesting online auction site sharky bids. There are already many people who have gotten into this frenzy and I am sure you want to know how to get the latest gadgets at super cheap prices!

They are yours if you win the bidding of your favourite item, and the price you have to pay is much lower than if you actually buy the item outside. Go to the link and see now!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Novelty Gadget USB

These storage gadgets look delicious enough to be eaten. Enjoy this delicious video!

Samsung to launch tablet to fight the iPad

South Korea's Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a tablet later this quarter. It is set to launch its Android-based tablet, and LG electronics is also planning to introduce tablets that run on the same platform in the 4th quarter.

Accordingly to reports, the tablet will have a slightly smaller display at 7", compared to the iPad's 9.7" screen. There are no details on the specs at the moment. With the iPad being sold over 3 million sets since it was launched in April, more manufacturers are taking things into their stride and finally realise that there is some money to be made from the tablet market. This had never been done before by any other manufacturers (some tried and failed), and Apple has did a great job out of this.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce new tablets based on their own operating systems. We shall see how the market shift to a touchscreen society in months to come. Lots of intense competition I would say, and of cause it benefits the end users like us.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wallpapers for your gadgets

The gadgets industry has gotten more personal these days. There are a lot of things that we want for our gadgets, even wallpapers! This has been made possible through the many ways where we can customise each gadget and we are often very lost when we come to this. Why? There are simply too many choices! Wallpaper customisations can be done, both for your computers and mobiles alike.

There are many options that are available to you right now, and you can find many of them online. The easiest ways would be to search for them. There are numerous sites that offer free background downloads, and they come in many categories. Downloading these wall papers can be very simple and make sure you only use those trusted sites. You can also check out e-magazines and tech magazines that will show you where to find them.

You can also add your own pictures to your gadgets. This is a also great way to remind yourself of certain events or important news. You can design the wallpapers using many of the sites available. I hope you will enjoy doing this.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is legal to jailbreak your iPhones and mobiles now!

The US Copyright Office has given the world the power to mess around with the software found on iPhones. This decision has upset Apple, since users are now able to "execute software applications". The law will allow users to unlock their devices so that they can run apps that Apple do not allow.

Apple argued that this decision to allow jailbreaking the gadgets would result in "copyright infringement, potential damage to the device and other optential harmful physical effects, adverse effects on the functioning of the gadgets, and also a breach of contract".

However, these claims were denied on the considerations that jailbreaking can enhance inter-operability of the phone, and thus should be legal under fair uses. The rules, however, do not affect the warranty rules set out by these companies. The new rules apply to any other mobiles as well.

Secretly Record Anyone - Spy Sunglasses

This is a cool video on how to make your own spy sunglasses. Way cool!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Samsung Galaxy S for unhappy iPhone 4 users?!

You could have landed yourself with a free Samsung Galaxy S mobile if you are living in UK! Apparently, Samsung has come up with an incredible offer for unhappy iPhone 4 users in UK. I am not sure if this is a marketing strategy, but it has definitely caught my attention.

Samsung has claimed that is Galaxy S is way better than iPhone 4, and is giving it away for free so that users can compare which is better just to prove this point. A pity I don't stay in UK! How about extending this offer to Singapore as well when we launch the iPhone 4 here? LOL!

Read the full article here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to keep your XBox cool

It can be really annoying if your XBox 360 gets overheated too often, and you might be considering getting a new console! Fret not! Here are some simple tips to help you keep your XBox 360 cool.

1. Keep it in a well ventilated place. Make sure that the area has ample of air flow. If possible, place your Xbox on a small table or shelf that has ample of space. Do not put it into a shelf that is full of books, DVDs or even toys!

2. Keep it away from heat sources, such as radiators, DVD players, TVs, etc.

3. Cooling it with a fan. I think this is what most people do. Use a fan to blow cool air over your console. This is great during summers. There are also XBox 360 cooling stations that you buy rather cheaply.

4. Play less! Take a break from time to time. It is not recommended to play the XBox for more than a few hours without rest. This is not good for your Xbox, as well as for your health! Your eyes will get tired more easily also. A good break will be 15 mins for every hour of play. Have fun!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Android Market VS Apple Apps Store - Battle Of The Giants

There are quite a number of discussions lately regarding the differences between Apple's iPhone and Google's Andriod. This is a largely debated issued with the operating systems and the gadgets themselves that are in use today. There is less emphasis on the apps stores though. There are a few differences between the Apple apps store and Android market, and you should decide which is the best for you.

Clearly, Apple is closing its doors to open apps. Applications must be submitted to Apple for reviews and Apple will then decide if that app can be sold or not in the Apple App store. On the other hand, Andriod Market is an open system, where developers can directly publish their apps to the market without having to go through any authority. This would mean that the Android Market wil have more varieties, but you migh need to sacrifice quality for quantity. Thankfully, there is a rating system and comments section which can help eradicate those poorly designed apps. The iPhone and Android-based mobiles are probably one of the best gadgets today, thanks to these apps.

Android Market also allows a full refund if you are unhappy with your purchase. All you have to do is to uninstall the app within 24 hours of buying. This is a lot better and makes shopping for the right apps more convenient. If the app does not work properly, or is something that you don't like, then uninstall it and you get a full refund. Apple does not allow that though. Make sure you like the app before buying it! If you wish to buy either of these gadgets, please check your right for more information!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Top Facebook games for 2010

Facebook games have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and there are alreasy so many games that you can play on Facebook alone. You may be wondering which are the best games to play this year. Here are some games that are garnering the attention of players around the world. Check them out now!

You have probably heard of FarmVille. This is created by Zynga, and I believe this is one of the most popular games on FV. It is still growing at a steady pace. This is a game where you become a farmer. You can grow crops, plants tress and rear animals. You can also interact with your friends in the game. Once your crops are ripe, harvest them and sell them off for profits. Make sure you do harvest in time, otherwise they will die and this will make your efforts go down the drain.

Another game is the Cafe World, which is also made by Zynga. Cafe World is a fun game to play is you are looking to have your own restuarant. When playing this game, you can do anything you want. You are the cook and business owner, so you can also hire servers. Make sure the food is served hot to your guests!

Another fun game is the Happy Aquarium by CrowdStar. This allows you to set up your own fish tank. You can buy fish or other creatures in the game. Make sure that you feed your fish, otherwise they will die. Once your fish matures in the game, you can sell them off for profits.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Samsung Jet mobile gadget

Samsung has come up with a feature gadget that is even smarter than a smartphone, that only push people and review sites gaming for a test. The touchscreen phone packs an 800 MHz processor, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support and a series of other wireless features.

It is compact and fits into the pocket rather well, and the buttons are well designed. However, you can leave your fingerprints rather easily. No real complains about it, since most mobile gadgets have this problem anyway.

There is a hexagonal button that lies below the screen, which looks rather cool I think. the Samsung Jet runs on TouchWiz 2.0. You have a 3.1", 800 X 480 display screen, and you can display your widgets on the 3 home screens there.

You can find 2 quite a number of cool widgets such as the weather, news and apps, which require an internet connnection. There are 34 preinstalled widgets, which is not too bad, and you can find tons of others through a simple search. There is a shortcut button where you can access the Media Gate. The motion recognition is quite interactive, and you can shake the mobile to end applications and also double tap to play music and take pictures.

There is this Speak call accelerometer-based functions found on the Jet. Moving the phone away from your face during a call and placing it on a flat surface activates the speakphone. I thought this is rather cool. With an onscreen alphanumeric pad or a QWERTY keyboard, you can send messages with ease. All in all, this is a cool gadget that is worth looking into.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Funny Japanese games on TV

This is a funny video of funny Japanese games that was recorded on TV. How did they came out with such games? Creative and crazy guys they are!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Google pumps money into Zynga, the company behind FarmVille

There are some sources that cite Zynga will be the cornerstone for a new service by Google, the Google games. It is set to be launched at the end of this year.

It seems like there is no stopping Google. They are everywhere, from search engines, to social sites, to mobiles, to news, to books, and now games. In April this year, they hired Mark DeLoura, a gaming expert to be the mastermind behind Google games. TechCrunch also reported that Google has invested $100-$200 million in the FarmVille mastermind Zynga.

What does this signify? The Google games can take a huge share of followers off Facebook this time round. This is especially so, since there are many privacy issues that surface from FB recently. We are now looking at what Google is coming up next, probably a profile portal as well? Be prepared for the onslaughter!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Nintendo Wii

In case you are not aware, Nintendo has released the black version of their famous Wii gadget in May this year. It looks pretty cool all right, but I think I still prefer the white one, for obvious reasons (Ok, I owe a white one and I think the black one is cool). With the Wii looking for take the world by storm, I hope Nintendo can come up with more Wii games. There is a serious shortage of games these days. Blah!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S Review

The Samsung Galaxy S is set to take on the iPhone 4. With an 4" touchscreen, this makes surfing the internet a lot easier. It has a 5 MP camera, which makes it a good camera for those who love taking pictures. Watch the video for a more complete review on this mobile now!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

14 Addictive Flash Games To Play For Free

If you are looking for a way to relax and play flash games online, then please check out the video. These are some of the most addictive games that you can find online right now, so I hope you have fun playing these games. You need not download unlike those days, which makes your computer less suspectible to virus or spyware. Make sure you have your flash drive installed though.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can you get a cheap or even free ipad?

Where can you get a free ipad? There ar many websites that claim to give away free ipads, and all you have to do is to answer a few simple questions, submit your email address and wait. You wait and wait, but you never get a reply. The next few days, your inbox is flooded with advertisements and you wonder where they came from. Now you know why!

Is it really possible to get a free ipad, or is this simply a scam? Apple is always looking for product testers who are keen to try out their products, and then offer comments on them. The ipad is one such product. If you qualify, you can get to keep the ipad as well!

Another way to get really cheap ipads is through a bidding website. There are many websites that offer you the chance to bid for any gadget, at dirt-cheap prices. This is provided you won the bid, and there was no one to challenge you when the bidding process stops. If have found a few cool sites myself, just google "bid for cheap ipad" or "cheap bids ipad" and you will find something interesting.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

First day's sales of the iPhone 4 could hit 1.5 million!

Experts at the Oppenheimer are predicting that Apple will sell more than 1.5 million pieces on the first day of the launch of the iphone 4. This is remarkable compared to 1 million sales of the iPhone 3GS back in 2008.

The latest iPhone has made video calls possible and it can also handle multiple tasks at the same time. With a longer battery life, it is set to conquer the smart phones market yet again. There are many pre-orders made so far, and they have to be stopped for a while because the demand for the iPhone is too huge.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to make money with flash games

There are thousands and thousands of people who are looking to play online flash games each day. This is a huge market and there are many sites that offer such gaming services. There is no sign of slowing down. How can you tap into the gaming industry as well?

Are you wondering why these websites are still able to make money even though they allow us to play these games for free? Where does the revenue come from? I found out that these sites receive a huge volume of traffic each day, often in the millions. Imagine what this can do to your website if you are getting this kind of traffic!

How can you utilise this kind of traffic then? You can sell advertising space, offer a service such as gaming tips and advice, or even include ads from Google and Yahoo. There are many such opportunities out there. How can you have these games on your sites there? There are many games that can be embedded into your site easily, all you have to do is to copy the embed code into your site. With such a service, you can be sure of getting more visitors to your website, and with that, making you more money when people visit your site to play these free flash games.

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Super Mario World is a scary game!

See how this guy freaked himself silly in this Mario game! Kinda lame, but entertaining!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Facebook Games - Treasure Isle

Treasure Isle, a game of hunting treasure made by the same developers who brought you FarmVille, Zynga. This is one game that you will find it rather odd or loving it. Whatever your personal taste is, we from Mabel Games will be bringing you the inside on this game in this review.

Game play

Treasure Isle is all about... well, digging. Personally I find this game a bit odd at first as the only thing you do is dig, dig and well... more digging.

The game starts you off with the character creation screen and from there you can choose either to be a boy or a girl treasure hunter. Later on if you decide that you like to choose a different gender, then game seems to allow you to do that. A bit different from the other games I played as usually once you choose the gender of your character; you are stuck with it unless you create a whole new account for it. Nevertheless, this is how the developers in Zynga want the game to work. To provide players with a bit of freedom in what they want to do.

After you finish deciding on your gender the game tutorial will begin, instructing you on how the game mechanic works. You start off on a small and I do mean small, small island as you start... well... DIGGING!

Your goal in the game is to dig around the island and find buried treasure of various sort. Pirate treasure, ancient lost civilization or just plain old junks. At anytime on the game you can click on the map to show your current location, like which island you are currently on and the island surrounding it. As you finished digging up the whole island and this seems to be a must in the game in order to advance to the next area. You will then be notified by the game of your completion and the map will open up the next island for you.

Treasure that you find will comes in a set, collect all the treasure and you get to trade in for a prize, depending on the treasure that you find. While some treasure is like great finding of the centuries, others are a bit disappointing. Imagine digging up a broken barrel and the game considers it a treasure.

Once in a while you, after you are bored with digging up treasures, you can just take your tiny boat to your home island. This is where the second part of the game comes in. Here you will be able to customize your characters look, their gender and the outfit they wear.

Other activities include planting of fruits which can be later harvest to be consumed as energy refills. Buy furniture to decorate your island into a Tiki heaven or just lay back and chill. Whatever your choice is you would not really find much to do on this part of the area really.

Now after all that, we will now look at how the game works a bit. First thing is that you character will have a stamina bar on top of the screen. This is to show you what the current stamina is and how much you can do before you need to take a break from your treasure hunting. Like most of the Facebook game out there is a small counter that will provide you information on how long before your stamina replenish. Best part of the game here is, you do not always have to wait for the stamina bar to fill up. If have planted fruits, this can be use to replenish lost stamina. If you run out of fruits, a call out for help from your friends at times makes a lot of difference as they can send you free food or energy replenish bar to allow you to continue your treasure hunting.

While during your treasure hunting trip, you will encounter at times Giant TIKI statue that will block your path to certain part of the island. Jewels found on trees will allow you to pass the Giant TIKI, however in order to get the correct jewel combination, one must have a few friends which can share with you the color jewel which will unlock the path you need to go to. Else you might just get stuck on that particular stage until you get the correct jewel.


Treasure Isle is really a pretty game to look at really. Its colorful environments and cartoon like character has an interesting kind of twist in it. Your character will move rather fluently and the animation of digging and chopping down vines and trees is nicely done. However, graphic alone would not make a it a good game, but it is still a nice eye candy nevertheless.


Treasure Isle does have a nice Caribbean music that plays during your treasure hunting trip which may remind you of the time on the nice sandy beach away from civilization (Ironically your character is away from civilization). The background Sound FX also adds very well as you can hear seagulls and the ocean noise which can be rather nice and peaceful to hear, unlike some sound which can be rather bothersome at times. Personally I do like how Zynga does with the sound in this game.


Treasure Isle is not really meant for everyone. I personally find it a bit dull compared to other games in Facebook. However if finding lost treasure is your thing, then you might find this game more appealing than I do.

To view more PC and online game reviews for casual games, visit MabelGames. Playing PC and online games have many advantages and keeps an active and healthy mind. Visit the collection of the downloadable PC and online games' review site. The games are free to download and have fun!

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Operating systems for mobiles today

Mobile phone these days are not just gadgets used to make & receive calls. They serve more functions these days. They can now do calculations, organise your day, do web surfing, take pictures & videos and even edit excel files. If you want your mobile to be able to perform these functions efficiently, you have to make sure it has the best operating system.

There are a few operating systems for mobiles that you might be familiar with: Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Android or iPhone OS. Each of them have their strong and weak points.

Most mobiles come with a preinstalled OS. For example, the iPhone has its own iPhone OS which is specially designed and some people consider it the best operating system for mobiles today. It is very user friendly and you can download and use up to 100,000 specially designed applications from the internet.

Windows mobile 6 comes with a set of standard applications like calendar or notes and lets you synchronise Microsoft Outlook, Word or Excel files. It has multimedia functions as well and is found in most gadgets.

The Blackberry OS is considered the best business operating system for mobile gadgets since it has all the applications needed: email, calendar, instant messaging, internet browsing, data transfer, etc.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nokia N97 Mini

Check out one of the coolest mobile gadgets in this video!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brain Buddies

Brain Buddies is the type of game that is designed for children between 4 - 6 years old. Parents will love this game as they can spend some good time with their children. It was developed by Wooga and serves to be educational. It focuses on simple logic and maths. There are 4 types of mini-games, ranging from memorising to simple maths. Upon completing each mini-games, the system will provide you with a score to tell you where you stand.
After you are finished one mini-game, the next mini-game will begin. It is rather interesting to catch your young one's attention. Some of the mini-games can be a bit tough for youngsters, so you might need to help your kids out. Although the game is rather short, it can be really good to build bonds and relationships.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Xbox repair guides

Xbox is a popular gaming console from Microsoft and is played by milllions of gamers worldwide. There are a few simple ways whereby you can fix the technical issues yourself. The most common problem is the overheating of the gaming console. It is very natural that you play this game console non-stop, especially when you are playing an exciting game. Overheating can be avoided by keeping the gaming console in an air-conditioned room or in a highly ventilated location. You can also keep watch on the time when you are playing with this console. Take a break to avoid overheating problems.

There are quite a number of free Xbox repair guides that you can find online. They can provide a detailed procedure on how to solve many of the common issues. You can repair your Xbox yourself instead of having to bring it to a repair store. It can save you more money and hence it is a good idea to get these guides. Good luck!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where to find information on the latest mobiles?

Mobile phones are some people's most prized possessions, and this is especially so for me. Mobiles have work documents, music and even social networking these days. Although,some people use the mobile to make a quick phone call, there are those who love technology and are always keeping up with the latest mobile phones. The technology is ever changing and it is always fun to keep up with what is going on all the time.

An easy way to find more information would be to find it on the official mobile brand website. If you like a particular brand, just hop down to their websites online. They will have the latest phones on their front page. You can also find many other phones that you thought never existed. Cool huh?

Check out other mobile forums as well as you can find much more useful information. You can also read real reviews that can help you make a better decision.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is it possible to get a free iPhone?

You are searching for possible options online. You can actually find many of these offers online where you can actually get a free iPhone. You can consider looking at sites that offer affiliate marketing. They are capable of giving away electronic freebies to their customers because they do earn certain incentives from the affiliate products they are promoting.

How can you get started? For one, you will have to join the website affiliate. You can do these by filling up a form where you will have to enter certain information, or you can also choose to take up certain offers or free trials. Wait for verification process to be completed. It is not as difficult as it seems. Just google 'free iphones' or 'free offers iphones' and you can easily find what you want. Good luck!

Friday, April 30, 2010

How To burn a Wii game

Let's get things straight to the point. To decode the security code, you will need to have the Easy Backup Wizard. This software program basically takes out all the protection so that you can copy, backup and burn your Wii games.

How To Burn Your Wii Games?

You will need to the following 4 things.

  • You need to have the Easy Backup Wizard.
  • A DVD burner.
  • An empty disk to burn the files with.
  • An original game from the Wii. DUHZ!

Follow this sequence:

  1. Insert the original game disk into your computer's DVD drive.
  2. Start the Easy Backup Wizard, and wait for the game to load.
  3. Create a backup file or an image file from the original game.
  4. Remove the original game, and insert the empty DVD disk.
  5. Drag all the backup files to your burner software, and burn it.

Search for 'wii easy backup wizard' if you need to! Have fun!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top PSP games 2010

iPad - Do You Really Want to Buy One?

It's widely reported that the launch of the Apple iPad was disapointing to say the least. It wasn't just the expected first generation bugs, or the odd name. It lacks 16:9 support, Flash support, multitasking, SD card slot, HDMI or high-res video output support, USB ports, GPS and the list goes on. It is also exclusive to AT&T's network and the 3G wireless add-on is $130 extra with a data limit of 250MB per month. That's a joke I can burn through that much data in a day on the internet. I would say that some of these missing features will eventually come along but seriously folks; this is a work in progress. Would you want to buy one right now knowing that it is the first generation release complete with bugs and all? I need to be convinced that buying the iPad is going to be a better choice than a notebook.

What Apple needs to do is not try to make this seem better than a notebook because I don't see how at this point it really is. The iPad is a fancy news print reader, or a replacement for paper. This makes it ahead of its time. The idea of tablet computers is nothing new; Microsoft has been working on one for years. I just believe that Apple would be better suited to try to market the iPad as something that could be used in schools or could be used as a way to revolutionize how we read our news every morning.

I'm going to stick with my laptop for now and see what happens with the iPad before I spend a fairly good chunk of money on one. Let the bugs get worked out first.

If you want more information on shopping smart go to

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