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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Samsung to launch tablet to fight the iPad

South Korea's Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a tablet later this quarter. It is set to launch its Android-based tablet, and LG electronics is also planning to introduce tablets that run on the same platform in the 4th quarter.

Accordingly to reports, the tablet will have a slightly smaller display at 7", compared to the iPad's 9.7" screen. There are no details on the specs at the moment. With the iPad being sold over 3 million sets since it was launched in April, more manufacturers are taking things into their stride and finally realise that there is some money to be made from the tablet market. This had never been done before by any other manufacturers (some tried and failed), and Apple has did a great job out of this.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce new tablets based on their own operating systems. We shall see how the market shift to a touchscreen society in months to come. Lots of intense competition I would say, and of cause it benefits the end users like us.

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