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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Operating systems for mobiles today

Mobile phone these days are not just gadgets used to make & receive calls. They serve more functions these days. They can now do calculations, organise your day, do web surfing, take pictures & videos and even edit excel files. If you want your mobile to be able to perform these functions efficiently, you have to make sure it has the best operating system.

There are a few operating systems for mobiles that you might be familiar with: Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Android or iPhone OS. Each of them have their strong and weak points.

Most mobiles come with a preinstalled OS. For example, the iPhone has its own iPhone OS which is specially designed and some people consider it the best operating system for mobiles today. It is very user friendly and you can download and use up to 100,000 specially designed applications from the internet.

Windows mobile 6 comes with a set of standard applications like calendar or notes and lets you synchronise Microsoft Outlook, Word or Excel files. It has multimedia functions as well and is found in most gadgets.

The Blackberry OS is considered the best business operating system for mobile gadgets since it has all the applications needed: email, calendar, instant messaging, internet browsing, data transfer, etc.

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