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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is legal to jailbreak your iPhones and mobiles now!

The US Copyright Office has given the world the power to mess around with the software found on iPhones. This decision has upset Apple, since users are now able to "execute software applications". The law will allow users to unlock their devices so that they can run apps that Apple do not allow.

Apple argued that this decision to allow jailbreaking the gadgets would result in "copyright infringement, potential damage to the device and other optential harmful physical effects, adverse effects on the functioning of the gadgets, and also a breach of contract".

However, these claims were denied on the considerations that jailbreaking can enhance inter-operability of the phone, and thus should be legal under fair uses. The rules, however, do not affect the warranty rules set out by these companies. The new rules apply to any other mobiles as well.

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