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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Google pumps money into Zynga, the company behind FarmVille

There are some sources that cite Zynga will be the cornerstone for a new service by Google, the Google games. It is set to be launched at the end of this year.

It seems like there is no stopping Google. They are everywhere, from search engines, to social sites, to mobiles, to news, to books, and now games. In April this year, they hired Mark DeLoura, a gaming expert to be the mastermind behind Google games. TechCrunch also reported that Google has invested $100-$200 million in the FarmVille mastermind Zynga.

What does this signify? The Google games can take a huge share of followers off Facebook this time round. This is especially so, since there are many privacy issues that surface from FB recently. We are now looking at what Google is coming up next, probably a profile portal as well? Be prepared for the onslaughter!

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