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Friday, July 16, 2010

Samsung Jet mobile gadget

Samsung has come up with a feature gadget that is even smarter than a smartphone, that only push people and review sites gaming for a test. The touchscreen phone packs an 800 MHz processor, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support and a series of other wireless features.

It is compact and fits into the pocket rather well, and the buttons are well designed. However, you can leave your fingerprints rather easily. No real complains about it, since most mobile gadgets have this problem anyway.

There is a hexagonal button that lies below the screen, which looks rather cool I think. the Samsung Jet runs on TouchWiz 2.0. You have a 3.1", 800 X 480 display screen, and you can display your widgets on the 3 home screens there.

You can find 2 quite a number of cool widgets such as the weather, news and apps, which require an internet connnection. There are 34 preinstalled widgets, which is not too bad, and you can find tons of others through a simple search. There is a shortcut button where you can access the Media Gate. The motion recognition is quite interactive, and you can shake the mobile to end applications and also double tap to play music and take pictures.

There is this Speak call accelerometer-based functions found on the Jet. Moving the phone away from your face during a call and placing it on a flat surface activates the speakphone. I thought this is rather cool. With an onscreen alphanumeric pad or a QWERTY keyboard, you can send messages with ease. All in all, this is a cool gadget that is worth looking into.

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