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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can you get a cheap or even free ipad?

Where can you get a free ipad? There ar many websites that claim to give away free ipads, and all you have to do is to answer a few simple questions, submit your email address and wait. You wait and wait, but you never get a reply. The next few days, your inbox is flooded with advertisements and you wonder where they came from. Now you know why!

Is it really possible to get a free ipad, or is this simply a scam? Apple is always looking for product testers who are keen to try out their products, and then offer comments on them. The ipad is one such product. If you qualify, you can get to keep the ipad as well!

Another way to get really cheap ipads is through a bidding website. There are many websites that offer you the chance to bid for any gadget, at dirt-cheap prices. This is provided you won the bid, and there was no one to challenge you when the bidding process stops. If have found a few cool sites myself, just google "bid for cheap ipad" or "cheap bids ipad" and you will find something interesting.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

First day's sales of the iPhone 4 could hit 1.5 million!

Experts at the Oppenheimer are predicting that Apple will sell more than 1.5 million pieces on the first day of the launch of the iphone 4. This is remarkable compared to 1 million sales of the iPhone 3GS back in 2008.

The latest iPhone has made video calls possible and it can also handle multiple tasks at the same time. With a longer battery life, it is set to conquer the smart phones market yet again. There are many pre-orders made so far, and they have to be stopped for a while because the demand for the iPhone is too huge.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to make money with flash games

There are thousands and thousands of people who are looking to play online flash games each day. This is a huge market and there are many sites that offer such gaming services. There is no sign of slowing down. How can you tap into the gaming industry as well?

Are you wondering why these websites are still able to make money even though they allow us to play these games for free? Where does the revenue come from? I found out that these sites receive a huge volume of traffic each day, often in the millions. Imagine what this can do to your website if you are getting this kind of traffic!

How can you utilise this kind of traffic then? You can sell advertising space, offer a service such as gaming tips and advice, or even include ads from Google and Yahoo. There are many such opportunities out there. How can you have these games on your sites there? There are many games that can be embedded into your site easily, all you have to do is to copy the embed code into your site. With such a service, you can be sure of getting more visitors to your website, and with that, making you more money when people visit your site to play these free flash games.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Mario World is a scary game!

See how this guy freaked himself silly in this Mario game! Kinda lame, but entertaining!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Facebook Games - Treasure Isle

Treasure Isle, a game of hunting treasure made by the same developers who brought you FarmVille, Zynga. This is one game that you will find it rather odd or loving it. Whatever your personal taste is, we from Mabel Games will be bringing you the inside on this game in this review.

Game play

Treasure Isle is all about... well, digging. Personally I find this game a bit odd at first as the only thing you do is dig, dig and well... more digging.

The game starts you off with the character creation screen and from there you can choose either to be a boy or a girl treasure hunter. Later on if you decide that you like to choose a different gender, then game seems to allow you to do that. A bit different from the other games I played as usually once you choose the gender of your character; you are stuck with it unless you create a whole new account for it. Nevertheless, this is how the developers in Zynga want the game to work. To provide players with a bit of freedom in what they want to do.

After you finish deciding on your gender the game tutorial will begin, instructing you on how the game mechanic works. You start off on a small and I do mean small, small island as you start... well... DIGGING!

Your goal in the game is to dig around the island and find buried treasure of various sort. Pirate treasure, ancient lost civilization or just plain old junks. At anytime on the game you can click on the map to show your current location, like which island you are currently on and the island surrounding it. As you finished digging up the whole island and this seems to be a must in the game in order to advance to the next area. You will then be notified by the game of your completion and the map will open up the next island for you.

Treasure that you find will comes in a set, collect all the treasure and you get to trade in for a prize, depending on the treasure that you find. While some treasure is like great finding of the centuries, others are a bit disappointing. Imagine digging up a broken barrel and the game considers it a treasure.

Once in a while you, after you are bored with digging up treasures, you can just take your tiny boat to your home island. This is where the second part of the game comes in. Here you will be able to customize your characters look, their gender and the outfit they wear.

Other activities include planting of fruits which can be later harvest to be consumed as energy refills. Buy furniture to decorate your island into a Tiki heaven or just lay back and chill. Whatever your choice is you would not really find much to do on this part of the area really.

Now after all that, we will now look at how the game works a bit. First thing is that you character will have a stamina bar on top of the screen. This is to show you what the current stamina is and how much you can do before you need to take a break from your treasure hunting. Like most of the Facebook game out there is a small counter that will provide you information on how long before your stamina replenish. Best part of the game here is, you do not always have to wait for the stamina bar to fill up. If have planted fruits, this can be use to replenish lost stamina. If you run out of fruits, a call out for help from your friends at times makes a lot of difference as they can send you free food or energy replenish bar to allow you to continue your treasure hunting.

While during your treasure hunting trip, you will encounter at times Giant TIKI statue that will block your path to certain part of the island. Jewels found on trees will allow you to pass the Giant TIKI, however in order to get the correct jewel combination, one must have a few friends which can share with you the color jewel which will unlock the path you need to go to. Else you might just get stuck on that particular stage until you get the correct jewel.


Treasure Isle is really a pretty game to look at really. Its colorful environments and cartoon like character has an interesting kind of twist in it. Your character will move rather fluently and the animation of digging and chopping down vines and trees is nicely done. However, graphic alone would not make a it a good game, but it is still a nice eye candy nevertheless.


Treasure Isle does have a nice Caribbean music that plays during your treasure hunting trip which may remind you of the time on the nice sandy beach away from civilization (Ironically your character is away from civilization). The background Sound FX also adds very well as you can hear seagulls and the ocean noise which can be rather nice and peaceful to hear, unlike some sound which can be rather bothersome at times. Personally I do like how Zynga does with the sound in this game.


Treasure Isle is not really meant for everyone. I personally find it a bit dull compared to other games in Facebook. However if finding lost treasure is your thing, then you might find this game more appealing than I do.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Operating systems for mobiles today

Mobile phone these days are not just gadgets used to make & receive calls. They serve more functions these days. They can now do calculations, organise your day, do web surfing, take pictures & videos and even edit excel files. If you want your mobile to be able to perform these functions efficiently, you have to make sure it has the best operating system.

There are a few operating systems for mobiles that you might be familiar with: Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, Android or iPhone OS. Each of them have their strong and weak points.

Most mobiles come with a preinstalled OS. For example, the iPhone has its own iPhone OS which is specially designed and some people consider it the best operating system for mobiles today. It is very user friendly and you can download and use up to 100,000 specially designed applications from the internet.

Windows mobile 6 comes with a set of standard applications like calendar or notes and lets you synchronise Microsoft Outlook, Word or Excel files. It has multimedia functions as well and is found in most gadgets.

The Blackberry OS is considered the best business operating system for mobile gadgets since it has all the applications needed: email, calendar, instant messaging, internet browsing, data transfer, etc.