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Friday, September 17, 2010

"Clean" Windows phone 7

Microsoft is said to go clean with the Windows phone 7 gadgets. The company has published a few guidelines for developers who intend to produce applications for the new operating system. There shall be no intense violence or programs that have sexual themes.

It seems like this clean approach may help win parents over. Apps developers are advised not to include images or themes that are sexually suggestive, or anything that show the private privates, including the nipples and buttocks.

However, there is a limit the level of violence that would be allowed. Extreme gore and violence such as exploding body parts, cruelty to people or animals, decapitation, sexual interactions will also not be allowed. This is compared to the Apple as well, where there is a very clear understanding that sexually explicit nature is also not allowed in the iTunes. This is a totally different tune to that of the android market, where "some" sexual content is allowed.

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