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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can you get a cheap or even free ipad?

Where can you get a free ipad? There ar many websites that claim to give away free ipads, and all you have to do is to answer a few simple questions, submit your email address and wait. You wait and wait, but you never get a reply. The next few days, your inbox is flooded with advertisements and you wonder where they came from. Now you know why!

Is it really possible to get a free ipad, or is this simply a scam? Apple is always looking for product testers who are keen to try out their products, and then offer comments on them. The ipad is one such product. If you qualify, you can get to keep the ipad as well!

Another way to get really cheap ipads is through a bidding website. There are many websites that offer you the chance to bid for any gadget, at dirt-cheap prices. This is provided you won the bid, and there was no one to challenge you when the bidding process stops. If have found a few cool sites myself, just google "bid for cheap ipad" or "cheap bids ipad" and you will find something interesting.

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