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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Would you buy a Nokia in future?

I came across this gadgets website the other day, and I saw this question that was posted there. If you were to ask me this question several years back, I would have answered 'yes' for sure. However, I beg to differ today. It seems like Nokia is losing out on its technology in terms of operating systems, applications, etc.

I strongly believe that Nokia is losing out on its market share, especially when the iPhone was launched several years back. It seems like Nokia has not recovered from this. To make things worse, Google joined the mobile industry with its android platform, which I think is pretty cool. I'm not sure how big the android market is, but it has already overtaken the iPhone.

Many have long abandoned their phones for other brands, including me. I was an avid fan of Nokia until I start using the Samsung Galaxy S. What about you? Would you get another gadget, or would you continue using Nokia? Go to the link here and voice your opinions.

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